8 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Choosing a Wedding Venue

Your best friend just asked you to marry him and you said “Yes!" Now it’s time to show off your ring and share your excitement with friends and family.  Take some time to enjoy this special season and then it’s time to get planning.  

Your first, and possibly the most important decision is choosing your venue.  All the years spent dreaming and planning your big day revolve around this decision.  

To help make the planning process easier, we've compiled our top tips to help you get started.


8 Ways to Eliminate Stress While Planning Your Wedding

1. Get a pretty and small designated notebook

At the beginning of your planning process, go to Target or Paper Source (better yet, go online!) and pick out a pretty notebook that you can fit in your purse. Writing lists and physically crossing them off, not just hitting the backspace on your iPhone, can be very therapeutic. Have long and short-term to-do lists, so even little accomplishments will keep you feeling motivated and in control.

2. Have a planning-free day one day a week

Take one day a week to not do anything wedding related. No Pinning, venue research, or guest list writing. Having this one day will help you not get burnt out during the process. It’ll also help you process decisions you already made and clear your mind. When we go, go, go, it’s easy to feel frantic and overreact. Okay, so the bakery you were dead set on baking your cake is booked up on your wedding wedding. But is it the last bakery in the world? Definitely not. There are always alternate routes and making sure you’re taking time away from planning, will help you find an even better Plan B option.

3. Put the screen down

Social media comes with a lot of great perks and it’s hard to think of a world without it. However, with the good comes the bad and with social media, comes comparison.You’re likely not the only person in your friend group who is about to get married. Was your cousins friend Olivia’s bachelorette party in NYC really that amazing? Hopefully it was! But that doesn’t mean your bachelorette party/bridal shower/wedding/honeymoon will be any less amazing! Taking time away from your social media feeds, Pinterest, and wedding websites can help you enjoy this special and joyous time. Always remember, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

4. Take time to be with your finance and talk about things other than wedding planning

No matter no big or small your wedding is, getting caught up in the process can be hard. This is a very special time for you and your partner. Being someone’s fiancée isn’t long term so enjoy every moment. Don’t forget to have fun with your fiance and destress together. Have a relaxing night in, take a nice long walk, going to a concert, or Saturday morning farmers market - anything that isn’t wedding related.

5. Set up an exercise routine

Physical activity is a known way to reduce stress and take your mind off your to-do list. Exercising doesn’t mean running or taking an intense spin class. If those types of activities work for you, great! But there are a ton of other options to try - yoga, boxing, barre, pilates, are just a few ideas. Daily walking can sometimes be the least expensive and most beneficial. Walking for 30-45 minutes a day, outside, can increase mood and be so much easier on your joints than jogging. Go for a walk with a friend or go solo. Listen to a funny podcast or a good book on tape. No matter the exercise you choose, make sure it stays fun. If you’re bored with one type of class, try a different one. Also, don’t let too much of the focus be on how you want to look on your wedding day, rather, how to want to feel.  

6. Read for pleasure

Reading a book (yes, an actual book, not the Kindle app on your phone) can give your mind and eyes a break. Blue-light is constantly being shined in our face, whether by our computers at work or from our phones. According to a study done by Harvard medical school, blue light has a serious effect on circadian rhythm, which is our bodies natural biological clock. Blue-light suppresses melatonin production, which makes it harder to fall asleep. Putting the phone down about 2 hours before bed and reading can help your eyes and body relax. If you’re stressed about things in your own life, there’s nothing like escaping to an imaginary world.  

7. Create an excel sheet of all guests names and addresses to help with thank you cards

Writing letters can be fun and who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or an advertisement? However, searching for correct addresses can be a total hassle and time consuming. Creating a document or an excel sheet right away with all your guests addresses. You can download the Google Doc app so you and your finance can add names and addresses anytime. This will help streamline the process. Order your thank you cards early in the planning process too and address an envelope or two a day. This will really cut down on writing time later.

8. Delegate

This is probably the most important and hardest things to do throughout planning your wedding. Ask for help even when you think you don’t. When people say, “Can I do anything?” respond with, “Yes, absolutely! Here’s what I need…”. Give them directions or guidelines but don’t sweat the tiny details too much. There are likely a variety of skills among your bridal party (bridesmaid AND groomsman!). Maybe your maid-of-honor has a great eye for flowers, ask her to put some bouquet ideas together. Maybe your fiancé's best man is a web designer, ask if you would help set up your wedding website. People want to help more than you think. Your chose your wedding party because you they are your nearest and dearest. Don’t be afraid to lean on them.